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I (Jarod/Fringepop/Candlemass/Jerian) started this website to showcase some of the things that I've searched the net for. These are things that took me forever to find, sometimes in the hardest to find places. Some of these files were from foreign sites written in strange languages.

I just recently added the Castle Age stuff.

Good luck and I hope you find my stuff useful!

P.S. - Please ignore any ads for anything offensive, I can't control them. Those are put there by Angelfire.

Castle Age

Elite Guard links

The following links should work to add the guild members of Dravens Mavens to your Elite Guard. Just open them in new tabs. All the normal rules apply, this just saves time waiting for people to post asking for help.

  1. [Master] Draven
  2. Leslie
  3. John
  4. Nathan
  5. Michael
  6. David
  7. [Officer] Shuglin
  8. [*Me*] Jarod
  9. Seth
  10. Josh
  11. Russell
  12. Kelcy
  13. DeAnn
  14. Nicholas
  15. Patrick
  16. [Officer] OldCrappy
  17. Ashley
  18. Leslie
  19. Ryan
  20. Shudup
  21. Derek

Epic Quests

Some of the epic quests are not accessible except by direct links. So, here are the direct links!

World of Warcraft

Buff Stacking

The following was taken from a blue post, and edited for spelling and readability by me, Candlemass/Fringepop. Hopefully it is useful :)

Original blue post here

There are thirty or so different categories into which buffs and debuffs fit. Here you will find a comprehensive list of the changes made broken down by category and which spells/talents are in that category.

  • Armor Debuff (Major): Acid Spit (worm pet), Expose Armor, Sunder Armor
  • Armor Debuff (Minor): Faerie Fire, Sting (wasp pet), Curse of Recklessness
  • Physical Vulnerability Debuff: Blood Frenzy, (2nd Talent Spec TBA)
  • Melee Haste Buff: Improved Icy Talons, Windfury Totem
  • Melee Critical Strike Chance Buff: Leader of the Pack, Rampage
  • Attack Power Buff (Flat Add): Battle Shout, Blessing of Might
  • Attack Power Buff (Multiplier): Abomination's Might, Trueshot Aura, Unleashed Rage
  • Ranged Attack Power Buff: Hunter's Mark
  • Bleed Damage Increase Debuff: Mangle, Trauma
  • Spell Haste Buff: Wrath of Air Totem
  • Spell Critical Strike Chance Buff: Moonkin Aura, Elemental Oath
  • Spell Critical Strike Chance Debuff: Improved Scorch, Winter's Chill
  • Increased Spell Damage Taken Debuff: Ebon Plaguebringer, Earth and Moon, Curse of the Elements
  • Increased Spell Power Buff: Focus Magic, Improved Divine Spirit, Flametongue Totem, Totem of Wrath, Demonic Pact
  • Increased Spell Hit Chance Taken Debuff: Improved Faerie Fire, Misery
  • Percentage Haste Increase (All Types): Improved Moonkin Aura, Swift Retribution
  • Percentage Damage Increase: Ferocious Inspiration, Sanctified Retribution
  • Critical Strike Chance Taken Debuff (All types): Heart of the Crusader, Totem of Wrath
  • Melee Attack Speed Slow Debuff: Icy Touch, Infected Wounds, Judgments of the Just, Thunderclap
  • Melee Hit Chance Reduction Debuff: Insect Swarm, Scorpid Sting
  • Healing Debuff: Wound Poison, Aimed Shot, Mortal Strike, Furious Attacks
  • Attack Power Debuff: Demoralizing Roar, Curse of Weakness, Demoralizing Shout
  • Stat Multiplier Buff: Blessing of Kings
  • Stat Add Buff: Mark of the Wild
  • Agility and Strength Buff: Strength of Earth Totem, Horn of Winter
  • Stamina Buff: Power Word: Fortitude
  • Health Buff: Commanding Shout, Blood Pact
  • Intellect Buff: Arcane Intellect, Fel Intelligence
  • Spirit Buff: Divine Spirit, Fel Intelligence
  • Damage Reduction Percentage Buff: Grace, Blessing of Sanctuary
  • Percentage Increase Healing Received Buff: Tree of Life, Improved Devotion Aura
  • Armor Increase Percentage Buff: Inspiration, Ancestral Healing
  • Cast Speed Slow: Curse of Tongues, Slow, Mind-numbing Poison